"Learn The Exact Strategies That Helped The Flip King Become An 8-Figure Investor & Follow His Strategies To Create Your Own Real Estate Empire ."
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Joe Evangelisti is a real estate entrepreneur and former Navy SeaBee who lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. Joe owns The Evangelisti Companies, a real estate empire that builds, invests, and teaches others. Learn more about Joe and connect with him at TheFlipKing.com.
About the Book
Secrets of Mastering The Flip Game
Most real estate investors wouldn't dare to share REAL stories and case studies! 

But, in this groundbreaking work by 8-figure investor Joe Evangelisti ("The Flip King"), Joe pulls back the curtain to share absolutely everything with you, with nothing held back. 

In Secrets Of Mastering The Flip Game, Joe reveals his best tips, tricks, strategies, secrets, and REAL case studies that took him from a struggling rehabber doing break-even deals... to the leader of an 8-figure real estate empire, doing profitable flips, wholesale deals, new builds, and more. 

If you are a "weekend warrior" trying to do a flip in the evenings or weekends, and wondering if you can turn this into a business... 

If you are an investor who is doing 1-2 flips a month and want to scale up to 5-10 flips (or more) per month... 

If you are an investor who is doing deals inconsistently and wants to do more consistent (and profitable) deals... 

If you are struggling to unlock "the flip game" and figure out how to make it in the business... 

If you want to see how another investor is crushing it (even when many investors struggle) so you can model their success to grow your rehabbing business... 

If you want to read case studies and secrets that no other investor would dare to share...

Then Joe's book, Secrets of Mastering The Flip Game, is the book for you. 

This book is highly interactive and focused on helping you build the right strategies and actions that you can immediately apply in your investing business. 

- Learn the time-saving and money-saving tip to help you create beautiful, popular, in-demand properties without stress 
- Find out how to build a team quickly and simply so you can multiply your efforts (and lead your team even if you don't see yourself as a "boss") 
- Discover the secrets to finding more deals than ever before (Joe tells you how he does it -- most people don't do this)
- Read 10 REAL case studies that share all the details, including who was involved in the deal, how the deal went down, how Joe's team worked the deal, and even the numbers in the deal 

If you're ready to put aside all those books for "newbies" and ascend to the next level in real estate investing, get Secrets of Mastering The Flip Game and start growing your business. 
What You'll Learn In Secrets of Mastering The Flip Game
  • ​The biggest mistakes to avoid (many investors make these expensive mistakes without even realizing it)
  • ​What you need to be thinking about and doing every single day (Joe shares tips and strategies from his own calendar and schedule, so you know how an 8-figure investor spends his day)
  •  Joe’s closely guarded secrets to create a real estate empire—he opens his playbook to reveal exactly what other top investors will NEVER tell you, including simple tips and tricks you can use immediately to start making more money right away
  •  Team building, profit, time-management, mindset, working with contractors—it’s all here
  •  REAL case studies from Joe’s investing business (he shares his mistakes and successes so you know exactly what to watch for and how to model these in your own business)
  • ​The whole book is written with action in mind! You’ll have specific pointers and opportunities to add tips and strategies to your to-do list to immediately become a more successful investor
David Ralic
CEO - Ralic Consulting
"I came to this round table to expand my business. This is what it's all about. I want more money, I want more success, and I needed clarity, I needed some guidance. Learning from other people's mistakes, learning from how to do things is gonna get me to go up.  So, get here, check it out, you definitely want to be involved. You want to be a millionaire? Start hanging out with them, start thinking like them, start working like them. Check it out, guys it's worth it. "
George Beatty
Rockstar Wholesaler
"The Roundtable gave me virtual tools that I was able to implement on my acquisitions business right away. This is the place to be if you want to gain proximity to the best in the business"
Mike Sogard
"I found it to be very rewarding and I have a lot of ideas to take back to, to Dayton, to expand my business.  I would highly recommend it, [even if] you're very experienced there's always ways to expand, and grow and I think Joe and his team can help you do that. "

Tom Kelly
President - Platinum Real Estate
"Outstanding, I recommend it to anybody. 

If you want to uplevel your business, many pieces in your business, it's the best place to be with people that have been there, done that!
After reading the Secrets of Mastering The Flip Game,
people are seeing AMAZING results in their business 
We'll pay for the book, just pay for the shipping and handling.
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